The Best Display We’ve Ever Tested

We test a lot of displays in POPtimizer.  One of the reasons for this is the tool is designed as a ‘clutter environment’ – which is a research technique designed to ensure Shoppers don’t know which displays we are most interested in.


We select the displays in the clutter environment in lots of ways – sometimes we want to ensure we get a good cross-section of a certain category, other times we are interested in a specific display as a good (or bad) example.

The best display we’ve ever tested was originally a ‘clutter’ display.  We chose it because we were interested in how an interactive, engaging, productive experience in-store might score.

The Dr Scholl’s floorstand (pictured right) is the top scoring display in POPtimizer of all time.  And by a good margin.

Shoppers loved the fact that the design of the display had both engaging and impactful aesthetics, as well as a useful purpose – to fit the perfect inner-sole to your feet.  It’s an example of technology applied in an innovative way to be helpful in-store.  No need for a smartphone, no sign-up required, no gimmicks.  Just helping Shoppers navigate a complex and difficult purchase.

Some comments actual Shoppers made about this display:

“Even if I were not shopping for shoe insoles, the bright colors, unusual shape, interactive features and clear display of multiple products would get my attention.”

“Not only is all the information in front of you but the product is attached to the display in a rather unique fashion. The giant feet are really eye catching, instructions are easy to read.”

“It’s very simple to use by the looks of it. When I go looking for this type of product, I stare at all the options wondering which one should I choose. This helps you make an informed decision about what is best for your feet.”

By far the strongest metric for the Dr Scholl’s display was Persuadability – the ability of the display to persuade non-users of the product to buy/try it.  This demonstrates the powerful role POP can play as a purchase influencer – especially when technology and utility converge in such an engaging way.

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  1. Lucien July 8, 2014 11:07 pm  Reply

    I am interested in understanding more about your POPtimizer measurement tool?
    is this a tool you liscence out to independent companies?
    We are also very interested in the measurement of effectiveness of a display.

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