So just what is POPtimizer?


POPtimizer is a tool for measuring in-store display effectiveness.

By ‘in-store’ displays, we mostly mean the floorstands/PDQs/pallets/end-caps that dominate the non-permanent/semi-permanent retail display space.  Companies spend tens-0f-millions of dollars on these in-store vehicles with little to no real information about how well they perform.  Why?  Well, that’s complicated.  And probably a subject for a whole other blog post!  Suffice to say, we at PPD believe the tide is turning.  Everyday we are seeing more and more cpg and retail clients become interested in, and talking about, in-store display optimization and measurement.

But how do you optimize an in-store display?  What does ‘display effectiveness’ mean?  These are interesting questions.

When thinking about ‘display effectiveness’, at one end of the spectrum there is simply sales.  A display that sells more is better.  At the other end, any in-store vehicle that carries your product is a conduit for your brand – is it reinforcing your brand’s message/image/emotions?  In between, there are a myriad of things your display needs to accomplish – get noticed, be interesting/compelling, convey a clear message, be easy to shop, and so on.

When thinking about ‘display optimization’, two things are important.  First, is the design you have any good?  For this you need a basis of comparison – to other displays you have used in the past, or competitive displays.  Second, are your costs optimized with regards to your design?  Is there a way to maintain or even improve display effectiveness based on using more cost-effective materials and design choices?

That last point is critical.  Display optimization isn’t just about making something bigger, fancier, brighter, it’s equally about making it leaner, simpler, and smarter, without sacrificing effectiveness.

POPtimizer touches all of these things.

At its heart, it’s a simple online research tool using real Shoppers and industry experts to evaluate and score in-store displays.  How does it specifically do this?  Well, that’s also another blog post!  In general though, an online survey system feeds an (almost) real-time database of over 40k (and growing) Shopper evaluations.  The database is a key component.  It allows benchmark scores for displays across a wide variety of brands and categories.  And it all happens, from start to end, in a matter of days, not weeks.

POPtimizer was designed from the start to be injected into the somewhat crazy/fast/messy in-store display creation process.  We know that process inside-out because we live and breath it everyday here at PPD.  POPtimizer helps us be better designers, and helps our clients make better decisions – which is the best kind of win-win you can have!


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