Welcome to the POPtimizer Blog!


Welcome to the POPtimizer blog!

POPtimizer is the first truly extensive Shopper based research tool for optimizing retail display designs.

We (www.purchasepointdesign.com) created it because, in the retail design space, there simply wasn’t any good tools out there to help you measure the effectiveness of in-store displays.

We love POPtimizer.  We think it’s a great tool.  So good, it deserved its own blog!

We want to tell the world about what POPtimizer is, how it works, and some of the success stories from clients who have used it.  We also want to talk about retail display designs (what’s effective, what’s not, and how you define success).

We will be blogging here about once a month.  Myself (paul.soldera@purchasepointdesign.com), our CEO (kelley.thornton@purchcasepointdesign.com), and other PPD employees will be contributing on various topics.

Feel free to comment/contact us if you have any questions.

Thanks for stopping by!

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